A Crash Course in Targeting Customers

How to use marketing personas to increase engagement with your brand

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A persona is truly the most important document in your marketing plan… and the one most often ignored.

This eBook is a guide to clearly identifying your target audience and leveraging that knowledge across every facet of your marketing. Apply your newly-created buyer personas to your marketing campaigns immediately and see the results:

  • 1

    Better attract qualified SEO / Organic Search Traffic

    Is your customer bounce rate too high? Crafting your content to better answer customers' questions can drastically reduce it.

  • 2

    Upgrade your paid advertising targeting to zero in on prospective customers

    Are you spending money on paid advertising to customers that are simply unlikely to convert? By developing personas, you can find out exactly where you need to advertise to reach the right customer...at the right time.

  • 3

    Build marketing materials that people actually want to read

    Talk directly to your target audience in your marketing materials by understanding the information that they need to make a decision.